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Lunch is available, free of charge, to any student.  Students may choose between hot or cold lunch.  Milk and bottled water alone is 50 cents. We encourage parents to purchase lunch credits, if your student wishes to purchase just a drink. Lunch credits can be purchased in a bundle of 10 lunches only. Please make your check payable to SVUSD and include your child’s name and room number. The cafeteria can only accept checks for $25 or more.   The school office will not accept any Grub Hub or Door Dash food deliveries for students.  Thank you for your support with this matter. 

Leaving Lunch at School

No child will be permitted to leave school during school hours unless he/she is picked up at the office by a parent or an adult authorized in writing by the parent. We cannot let students leave school with adults not previously authorized in writing, or family members who are not adults. Students who leave school for lunch need to return by the end of the lunch period. We ask that parents not be present on campus in the lunch area or on the playground during the course of the school day. 

For more information about our Child Nutrition programs, to view menus or to pay for meals, please click HERE.