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To contact a staff member or teacher by email, please click on the person's underlined name. If the name is not underlined, the staff member does not have an email account. The "WEBSITE" link will take you to the teacher's website.


Dr. Terri Leon, Principal
Cathy Munz, Office Manager
Monica Standage, Office Staff
Heather Lundberg, Office Staff
Brian Abbott, Custodian
Sue LaMear, Cafeteria
Janelle Luke, Librarian
Kristine Rounke, Speech Therapist
Mary Carol Sorrells, School Nurse
Jodi Dewberry, Campus Supervisor
Joell Garza, Campus Supervisor
Stacy Villa, Campus Supervisor


Sherri Ferber, Kindergarten WEBSITE
Chrissy Oliver, Kindergarten WEBSITE
Karlee Truckenbrod, Kindergarten
Carla Yatomi, Kindergarten
Tanya Hart, Kindergarten-3rd Grade
Nicole Jovel, First Grade/Second Grade
Elise Franklin, First Grade WEBSITE
Mary Madden, First Grade
Gena Wolfson, First Grade WEBSITE
Elaine Cobb, Second Grade WEBSITE
Diane Danko, Second Grade WEBSITE
Korina McIlheron, Second Grade WEBSITE
Pam Wells, Third Grade WEBSITE
Suzanne Porretta, Third Grade
Nicole Adair, Third Grade
Brooke Edwards, Fourth Grade WEBSITE
Jana Saffro, Fourth Grade  WEBSITE 
Liz Scott, Fourth Grade WEBSITE
Alice Baker, Fifth Grade WEBSITE
Dustin Ellis, Fifth Grade
Samantha Francisco, Sixth Grade 
Amy Simmons-Folkes, Resource Specialist